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Floor scrubber & floor zamboni rental

Maintaining retail surfaces and floor space requires special care. Renting a floor scrubber or a floor zamboni means the work can be carried out easily and at your own pace. Different models of floor cleaners are designed to vacuum, sweep and polish all kinds of hard surfaces. Whether used in entrance halls, hallways, warehouses or commercial areas, a floor cleaner saves a significant amount of time and leads to very thorough cleaning.

A floor scrubber for each type of surface

Whether the floor is concrete, tiled, wood or plastic, each floor needs a particular type of care for each stage of maintenance: brushing, washing and polishing. To rent a floor zamboni in Montreal, trust Location Serca. We are Montreal’s floor maintenance equipment specialists. The models of floor scrubber available are adapted to the needs of each customer and usage constraint. Floor zambonis can be chosen according to their capabilities in terms of floor brushing power, voltage, brush rotation speed, tank capacity and surface yield. To choose the best floor scrubber it is vital to know different pieces of information like the type of cleaning required, the area where the machine will be used, the surface to clean in a single stroke and how often the floor will be cleaned.

And a floor zamboni for each type of company

Location Serca has the floor zamboni in Montreal that suit your business’ needs. From airports to shopping malls, banks to warehouses, each surface has its own corresponding piece of equipment. There’s no need to worry about the floor scrubber’s upkeep, because Location Serca ensures they are well maintained. Every future floor zamboni user receives information regarding its safety and daily maintenance requirements. We can also provide different accessories by request like particular detergents, spare batteries, several rotating brush models, whether soft or with hardness adapted to the floor to be maintained.

If you require additional information on renting a floor zamboni, do not hesitate to contact us.

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